‘The Portrait’  is a professional quality documentary film about you or someone you love. Made by us for you.

We all have an urge to record precious memories of our loved ones, hold on to special moments, wanting to keep them alive forever. These can be reminiscences of childhood, of time spent together, moments of happiness, laughter or admiration for one another. How many of us would want to collect these stories in one comprehendible box, but how many of us have the skills, facilities or time?  We organise photos in albums, keep files on hard drives or attempt to write a book about them or…. make a film. 

At first, we all know how to do it: you just need a camera, a microphone… soon you might realise that telling an engaging story requires skills that take years to learn and this is where we come in. We think that each of us has a fascinating story to tell and by using our professional skills we have the ability to bring your story alive and take it to a different level. 

Award winning Filmmaker, extreme mountain climber, and traveler, Eliza Kubarska will direct the film, producers Monika Braid and Kasia Skibinska, both with over 10 years of international production expertise will oversee the production. The team has experience in delivering appealing human stories to international broadcasters (BBC, ARTE, ZDF, HBO.)

From our experience the best vehicle to tell your story is through short form filled with emotion and a concise story line. The film will be professionally colour graded and delivered in high quality digital format, HD or 4K. At the end of the process, you will have professionally made DVDs and drive sticks.

Our format is flexible and can be changed according to your wishes. Have a question? Please contact us.

Eliza Kubarska Documentary Portfolio

WHAT HAPPENED ON PAM ISLAND (2010) - a short exert from Eliza's first documentary, in which she filmed herself and her then boyfriend on their expedition inside the fjords of southern Greenland to reach and climb the world’s highest sea cliff.  To get there, they needed to cross eerie, storm-ridden sea in kayaks, where capsizing in freezing waters would mean almost-certain death. Then, there was the 1,500m tall cliff…

K2. TOUCHING THE SKY (2015) - trailer of a feature length documentary about children of acclaimed alpinists – who died on K2, second highest summit on the planet, in the Summer of 1986. Eliza and her documentary crew follow them, as they undertake an expedition to Karakorum mountains, to answer a universal question: what is the price of passion?

WALKING UNDER WATER (2014) - trailer for a multi award winning documentary about the Badjao people. Alexan, a compressor diver from a small island near Borneo, teaches 10-year-old Sari everything he knows, from dangerous fishing techniques and wisdom about the underwater world to the temptations of the tourist economy. While Alexan refuses to accept that the world of his ancestors is gone, Sari is torn between his longing to be a fisherman like his uncle and the tug of the new world in the form of nearby resort.

More information about Eliza Kubarska on http://verticalvision.pl.