STORAGE (2009)
STORAGE (2009)
STORAGE (2009)

UK, 15 min., Fiction

Storage is the story of an autistic 19-year-old and the relationship with his father. Jason is isolated by his autism; his father loves him but is unable to break through Jason's defences to communicate this or anything else. Jason, meanwhile, boxes up everyday objects each box representing certain experiences he needs to control. When items suddenly go missing from the storage boxes, Jason's autistic world is forced to rub up against a more alien one, ours.

Writer/Director: David Lea, Producer: Kasia Skibinska, Cinematographer: Piers Leigh, Editor: Daniel Greenway, Music: Antony Tefler Brown, Icelandic Song: Emiliana Torrini
Cast: Tom Hughes, Steve Lello

In co-production with Lunar Film and TV, in association with Passion Pictures
Funding: Westminster Arts Council

World Premiere - 7 September 2009 at the Venice Film Festival 2009 (short film competition)

For more information about the making of Storage please visit David Lea

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